Our Core

With an illustrious track record spanning over 13 years, we’ve honed our expertise in crafting transformative program models that consistently yield remarkable outcomes. Our innovative leadership tools and program development models have been a catalyst for change, driving tangible results that speak volumes

Crafted dynamic workshops and curriculum designed to empower individuals with essential life skills, ignite youth advocacy and engagement, foster robust leadership development, facilitate successful reentry into society, and proactively combat involvement in high-risk behaviors.

Pioneered transformative projects with a laser focus on nurturing the social and emotional growth of 500+ minority youth aged 12-18. This groundbreaking initiative encompasses expertly tailored components such as anger management, conflict resolution, bolstering self-esteem, and addressing critical mental health issues, ensuring the holistic well-being of our future leaders.

Achieved an astonishing 44% surge in high school graduation rates, a remarkable 33% spike in school retention rates, an 18% upswing in postsecondary education enrollment, and a commendable 24% decrease in repeat offenses. Our unwavering commitment to progress is reshaping the future for our youth and our communities.

Inaugurated a visionary Chapter School & K-12 Partnership this avant-garde educational support and mentoring program is a beacon of hope, empowering Black/African American youth with the tools they need to excel in education, break the chains of poverty, deter future involvement in the justice system, and dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline once and for all.

Delivered an expansive spectrum of high-impact technical assistance and support to service providers, fostering a surge in strategic planning capabilities and providing invaluable leadership coaching and mentoring sessions. The undeniable outcome: a tangible and quantifiable enhancement in leadership skills, heralding a new era effective leadership within our communities.

Leadership Development Model: Our Approach

1. Culturally Relevant

We provide a culturally relevant interactive experience for African American, Latin-X, Pacific Islander, Asian Americans, and indigenous backgrounds.

Building Trust by being open, transparent, and honest.

2. Non-Threatening Engagement

Approachable non-intimidating coaching style to meet adult learners on their level.

Listening to community and community leaders by building an open relational authentic platform.

3. Applicable Tools

Effective tools that can be applied immediately upon completion of workshop and or coaching sessions.

Accountability in all aspects. From community leaders to service providers, accountability means everyone is involved.

4. Generational Relevant

Topics and information presented is generationally relevant to current events, trends, and genre to create an engaging platform to impact all participants.

5. Fuel to Motivate

Leadership and coaching sessions which esteem, empower, and inspire participants to become change agents in their community.