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Our Purpose. Our Training. Our Approach

GuidenU4Life is a consultant which employs prevention and intervention strategies to develop services which educate underserved individuals, groups, families and communities of color. The goal of GuidenU4Life is to empower individuals within communities of color to live more satisfying, autonomous, and productive lives through the utilization of increased knowledge, tangible resources, and, healthy – productive relationships.

We have assembled a team of expert instructional designers, eLearning developers, researchers, adult learning theory specialists and academic professionals to provide best in class training and curriculum course development services.

In It Together!

“I had the honor and privilege of working with Louis and his team in their production of a curriculum for a parent learning academy called, “In It Together!” This seven module curriculum was designed to promote equity in the Federal Way Public School District and improve educational outcomes for marginalized students of color. The great work of this team led to immediate buy in from parents of color in the community.”

Robin H., Community Partner

A Future Worth Living For

“I see my future as something worth living for since suicide isn’t much of an idea to me as it was before. Your youth development groups have taught me to look around and see what’s right in front of me. I know I have a lot to be thankful for now that I have met Mr. Guiden.”

High School Student

Supporting Community Teachers

“I really appreciate having tips and real ways to both understand my students perspectives and how to support them in an effective way.”

Rachel, Middle School Teacher

Giving Youth a New Perspective

“I now understand my problems are not my parents fault but the cycle of what’s really going on in life. I want to say that I really appreciate your realness because in high school, this language you speak is never exposed or allowed. We learn academics but we do not have support with dealing with things that effect our daily lives Thank You Mr. Louis.”

High School Student

Providing Real Hope For Change

“I just want to say thank you because these lessons made me see who I am and why. I’m glad to see someone who was where I am right now in my life. It reassures me that things are going to work in my life, the same way it was able to happen for you. You are a blessing to me.”

High School Student

Inspiration To Move Forward

“I see a brighter future for myself because of this time I had to spend with you. I have become a little less concealed in the darkness of my past and I am letting go of the root problems that are always holding me back. Thank You Mr. Louis.”

High School Student

Effective & Dedicated Community Partner

“I think you are a great motivational speaker for students, so that they may be encouraged to help those less-fortunate. As always, thanks so much for doing all that you do for our communities. We really appreciate all your efforts and are so grateful to have a close partnership with you!”

Outreach Manager, District 8

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