Our Purpose

GuidenU4Life is a consultant which employs prevention and intervention strategies to develop services which educate underserved individuals, groups, families and communities of color. The goal of GuidenU4Life is to empower individuals within communities of color to live more satisfying, autonomous, and productive lives through the utilization of increased knowledge, tangible resources, and, healthy – productive relationships.

A fundamental component to this success is providing culturally relevant, engaging, and accessible training and development opportunities to both the individuals that reside in these communities, in addition to the those that serve the families within these communities.

GuidenU4Life incorporates a practical model to assess and deliver services. This model views people, service and the social environment as integrated entities. Applying this perspective helps individuals, families and communities address issues and overcome barriers that arise from a variety of social problems and adverse societal conditions. Through this integrated model, individuals can be empowered, families can be strengthened, and communities can be equipped to thrive.

Our Training

We have assembled a team of expert instructional designers, eLearning developers, researchers, adult learning theory specialists and academic professionals to provide best in class training and curriculum course development services. Our team of expert consultants have a wealth of experience and demonstrated expertise in delivering innovative and engaging content which drive results. We look forward to collaborating with you on your training and course development needs!

How We Can Help

  • eLearning
  • Content Development
  • Instructional Design
  • Lesson Plans and Activities
  • Data Analysis and Research
  • Training Materials

Areas of Expertise

  • Family Engagement
  • Community Engagement
  • Urban Youth Development (e.g.,life skills)
  • Education (school districts, administrative staff, teachers)
  • Community based organizations supporting youth, school, and families

Professional Development Learning Model

  • Learn

All Participants will learn key concepts and/or theories presented in each module.

  • Apply

Next, participants will engage in activities to apply what was learned.

  • Check

Then participants will review the activity results led by the group trainer or facilitator to ensure everyone has grasped the concepts presented before moving on.

  • Integrate

Finally, participants will create integration plans outlining how each concept will be implemented within their unique environment to be more successful in their current roles.

Our Approach: Training Delivery Formula

1. Culturally Relevant

We provide a culturally relevant interactive experience for African American, Latin-X, Pacific Islander, Asian Americans, and indigenous backgrounds.

Building Trust by being open, transparent, and honest.

2. Non-Threatening Engagement

Approachable non-intimidating coaching style to meet adult learners on their level.

Listening to community and community leaders by building an open relational authentic platform.

3. Applicable Tools

Effective tools that can be applied immediately upon completion of workshop and or coaching sessions.

Accountability in all aspects. From community leaders to service providers, accountability means everyone is involved.

4. Generational Relevant

Topics and information presented is generationally relevant to current events, trends, and genre to create an engaging platform to impact all participants.

5. Fuel to Motivate

Training and coaching sessions which esteem, empower, and inspire participants to become change agents in their community.