As iconic pillars of hope in our communities, churches and similar faith-based entities have an evangelistic desire to reach the youth population but lack the fundamental strategies to sustain effective outreach programs within their ministry.

The innovative outreach strategies illustrated in this workshop presentation will demonstrate the efficacy of adopting integrative techniques in a synergistic tri- fold model of resource optimization, establishing collaborative partnerships, and deploying an effective program while simultaneously incorporating a message of faith.

Unequivocally, these pillars will be the premiere catalyst in redefining the faith-based outreach movement of the twenty-first century. The core conviction of GuidenU4Life is to provide curative knowledge in the form of tangible strategies which stimulate paradigm shifts, redefine existing outreach programs, eradicate cyclical patterns of juvenile delinquency and ultimately transform the lives of disadvantaged youth in our communities.

At the end of this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Gain tools to effectively advocate for BIPOC youth and families in the local community
  • Learn cost effective strategies to build a successful BIPOC youth and families intervention model
  • Identify the primary faith based BIPOC youth and families outreach mishaps that lead to unsuccessful engagement and relationship building
  • Cultivate strategies to develop collaborative partnerships and expand the capacity of your community outreach program service model
  • Understand the importance of cultural competence, community engagement, and racial equity in BIPOC youth and family outreach program development
  • Identify the primary risk factors associated with BIPOC youth and families
  • Develop effective tools and techniques to successfully engage with BIPOC youth and families in urban communities