Youth Development

GuidenU4Life is a relevant messenger in challenging times; bringing an empowering, life changing message that not only calls the listener to action, but ignites the core and activates change.

Whether speaking to individuals in a faith based conference, a high school youth group, college students, young adult conference, or anyone who faces tough obstacles or emotional barriers, the message “Change Your Mind Change Your Life” can prick the heart of all that hears.

Specifically designed to empower youth to effectively manage life challenges and achieve success, the group sessions are centered on the following:

  • Increased self awareness
  • Improved self esteem and confidence and respect for others
  • Enhanced decision making ability
  • Awareness of cause & effect reality of life choices
  • Increased ability to manage conflict and anger
  • Limitless expectation of personal success & achievement
  • Understanding of commitment & discipline
  • Ability to identify and utilize resources to meet success objectives
  • Awareness of goal setting and achievement